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The ongoing real life story of a New Yorker living in exile after his daughter was kidnapped to Moscow.


This highly regarded blog is described by one reader as “the work of a modern Chekhov”. Impressions of an Expat is a fascinating novel-in-progress, a weekly dose of heartache, a chunk of solid writing to savor. The fact that the ongoing story is not fictional, that North is really an expat New Yorker living in Moscow because his daughter was kidnapped there only deepens the experience. Every Monday, the reader is presented with a dizzying array of true experiences - bittersweet, deeply personal and often revelatory. North survives, protects, cooks, finds love, makes music and shares his triumphs as well as his defeats in careful prose, often accompanied by his photographs and the occasional short film.


Impressions of an Expat publishes every Monday, and is followed by readers from over 130 countries.








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