An upcoming artbook combining street photographs and edited passages from  Impressions of an Expat, This is the City turns over a number of rocks, exposing as much about the author as it does the reader. Shot in stunning black and white film on a cherished Leica, in Moscow, Tbilisi, New York, Los Angeles, San Sebastian and Bilbao the story follows a thread that ultimately leads home, examining heartache and pain, desperation and upheaval, distance and intimacy.

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The ongoing story of a New Yorker living in exile after his daughter was kidnapped to Moscow. Every Monday, the reader is presented with a dizzying array of true experiences - bittersweet, deeply personal and often revelatory.  

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Black Betty is a tiny epic, where everyone and everything matters, an episodic series with a stark narrative style inspired by independent films from the 70s. By examining the most basic fears and needs, wishes and nightmares of a closely-knit ensemble cast, Black Betty exposes the human condition with specifics, with what may be the very molecules of redemption.

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